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NERFA 2016

Hello, dear music friends.

I’m heading to NERFA (that’s the North East Regional Folk Alliance conference, for those of you not in the folk world 24/7) this weekend. There will be lots of hugs, and tons of good, good music.

I’ll come home inspired. I need it.

I’ll be playing some late-night showcases, and will also some harmony with friends – Beth DeSombre, Phil Henry, and Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli. I adore singing harmony. Feels like heaven.

I need it.

Here’s my schedule:
Thursday Night – 2am – Room 2028
Friday Night – 11:45pm – Room 2043
Saturday Night – 1:15am – Room 2104

Kim Jennings NERFA 2016 Late Night Schedule

I’m also singing harmonies with Beth DeSombre at her Twenty Oaks Presents Showcase,
Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm:

Beth DeSombre NERFA Schedule

And with the Phil Henry Acoustic Trio at his Acoustic Live in NYC Showcase,
Friday late night at 2:15 am:

Phil Henry NERFA Schedule

And with Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli at their Mountain Spirit Showcase,
Saturday late night at 2:00 am:

Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli NERFA 2016 Schedule

Can’t wait to share inspiration with you when I get back.

So many hugs and even more music,


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