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Personal Songwriting Challenge/Amazing Things Feature Set

I’ve been in a self-imposed songwriting challenge since January 1. It’s becoming an annual tradition, like a New Year’s Resolution. One I actually try really, really hard to keep.

The challenge, part 1: write one new song a week, every week, for the first 3 months of the year. I should end up with 12-13 new songs.

The challenge, part 2: play the new song at my musical “home away from home”: the weekly Amazing Things Arts Center Open Mike.

The challenge, part 3: Reserve any judgment about the song until completing part 2. This is THE. HARDEST. PART. (Then it’s okay to kick any song to the curb.)

The point: just keep writing without any attachment to the “is it good” question.

Last year, I got up to 8 new songs. I was pretty happy about it. This year, I have 10 new songs. I’m pretty happy about this too!

Amazing Things Arts Center -

And in a fun twist of fate, my next show is playing the 1/2 hour featured set on Thursday, March 31, **at Amazing Things**, my super-favorite open mike of all open-mike-dom. Seriously, if I’d never tapped into this community, I don’t think I’d be a songwriter. Show info is here in my calendar.

I love that it just so happens to be the last date of my annual songwriting challenge. So, my plan is to play all completely new songs, all written this year. I’ll be nervous, I’ll talk about writing, and it might be a bit messy, but still glo-o-o-o-rious in all my art-in-progress-ness.

Click…click…click…that’s the sound of the roller coaster approaching the tippity-top of a super-high drop. All new songs!? Look Ma, no hands! Look out below!

Keep making – and thanks for listening.

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