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#Trust30 Writing Prompt: Post-it Question


Homework? I love homework…

The assignment for today is to ask a burning question, put it on a post-it note, hang it on my bathroom mirror, ponder it for the next 48 hours, and then write about it.  Ooh…I like this one.  It’s right up my alley.

I have a lot of burning questions, but this is what’s top of mind for me *right now.*

Kim's #Trust30 Day 4 Post It Question: How can I better combine my PASSION and AMBITION with ACTION every day??







It’s the combination of all these – particularly with the “every day” component – that I am going to think about most.  I think I’m pretty good at doing one or two at a time, but not all three.  I know I lack really strong consistency too.

I bet there will be calendars and action item lists involved.  Oooh yes – and a budget spreadsheet.  Totally geeking out here.  This is going to be a fun weekend!

If you want to join me in answering this question, or if you have a burning question of your own, feel free to post it here.  I would love to know what other people are doing.

More info at the Post-it Question by Jenny Blake post at the Ralph Waldo Emerson Trust30 website.

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  2. AD – Yes, you’re probably right. Maybe my question, what’s burning for me, is more about alignment. I often forget to rise above and see the forest because I’m so focused on the tree right in front of me. Sometimes in the haze of the day-to-day, I lose sight of the bigger picture. I think it’s there, and I’m probably presenting that to the outside world. Internally, it feels (sometimes) like I’ve lost my direction, which makes my actions feel more like reactions rather than purposeful and meaningful.

    Thanks for making me think more…! That’s what this is all about! And for what it’s worth, if you went to the website I bet you could still sign up if you wanted to…in your free time. 😉

  3. The rule follower in me really wishes I knew about this writing project before 5/31 so I could work on it too. I love how thought provoking these have been.

    I think in terms of your question it’s a matter of perspective. I’m sure that you can see your passion, ambition and action in at least one small part of everyday. That’s where I’d start. I think you might find that you’re better at it than you think.

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