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#Trust30 Writing Prompt: Today


Day 2 of the #Trust30 writing challenge is from Liz Danzico, who asks us to consider that being genuine is all about being in the here and now, today.  The challenge is to describe today using only one sentence.

My response:

Today is an opportunity to commit to the current experience of all five senses.

Right now:  I smell the complicated city morning air.  I hear the birds (and the distant traffic) outside my open window.  I feel the breeze gently floating by me.  I taste the lingering deliciousness of my first cup of coffee.  I see the contrasting colors of my neighborhood landscape change with the rising sun.

If I forced myself to get up 30 minutes earlier every day, read this sentence, and spent some quiet time with it, would I become more grounded in today?   As I am sitting here, focused on really experiencing my senses, it occurs to me that I’m not obsessing about my day, what I have to get done, what I didn’t do yesterday, what deadlines I have to meet, and all those details that are NOT about *right now.*

(…she thought to herself, as a small smile appeared on her unsuspecting face, surprising her with the realization that she is joyfully in the now.)

Is it just that easy?  Ok – not easy – but maybe it’s just that simple.  A simple thing that is very hard to do.

Well, I’m pretty happy right now – so maybe that’s all that matters anyway.

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